About Our Agencies

Our primary objective is to help customers provide the protection they need for the people and things they love.

That's what insurance is all about.

Our Approach

It seems all too many providers today begin by looking at a prospective customer’s existing insurance plan, then attempting to provide the same coverage at a cheaper rate. They don’t even consider whether that coverage actually meets the person’s objectives.

Our approach is to put protection first, always recognizing that each individual has personal circumstances and needs. We work with our customer, ask appropriate questions, and then come to a mutual agreement as to what protection, and what level of protection is needed.

Then, using the breadth of Allstate’s products and offerings, we customize a plan that is right for the individual’s situation. And, our rates are very competitive, especially when one considers the immediate, personal, and continuing service we provide.

People can buy insurance today in all kinds of ways, including over the phone or online, situations in which they never talk face to face with anyone. Our customers, however, have a face and a place and a person to help them all along the line, from providing the right coverage to personally taking care of any claim.

We also keep in touch with our customers, contacting them from time to time to see if there are changes they might want to address or making them aware of new options that may be of interest.

This personal, service-oriented approach has earned the trust of our many customers, to the point that well over 90 percent of our new business comes from referrals from existing clients.

Our Agents

Bella Badzic

Deborah Delaney

Rhonda Ferrari

Lisa Heiney

Maria Melnik

Vincenzo Scollo

Gaetano Scollo

Doug Waltman

Donna Whitmyre


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THE BEST AGENT IN TOWN…  I’ve used Allstate’s Scollo Agency in Fairport for 12 years. Over that time period Enzo and his staff have never disappointed me. The staff he’s hired are the best. Almost everything can be handled with a simple phone call -- from new policies, to accident claims, you name it. Their level of professionalism and customer service far exceeds that of the average insurance office. I couldn’t imagine ever doing business with another office or insurance company.

--Cory C., Webster, NY
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